Our Kalani Ohana

The first day, we felt a little lost, but not for long. We found our way over to the dining lanai, observed, and asked, until we figured out the routine for getting our meal.   Terry, very kindly, sat by us at lunch and started the process of introducing us to the hundred or so people... Continue Reading →


Kalani, Daily Life

When the conch sounds, we head to meals. Fresh, fruit-and-vegetable-packed, beautiful meals. There are an abundance of options, and always more than we need. In fact, favorite topics of conversation are strategies for not overeating.

Kalani, at Last

We arrived at the little Hilo airport and were quickly found by Kalani volunteer, Terry. Terry drove us back to the property, about 50 minutes from Hilo, on the southeastern coast of Hawaii, the Big Island.   We drove into the rain forest, past black volcanic rock, some smooth, some rocky.  We drove through the... Continue Reading →

Island Hopping

  Our next stop on our journey to Kalani was Oahu. More specifically, Waikiki and Honolulu. We stayed at a hotel two blocks from Waikiki Beach, and we had to walk through The International Market; a giant mall filled with high-end stores, waterfalls, and flowers; to get to the beach. The beach itself was a... Continue Reading →

Journey to Kalani

When we first started thinking about volunteering at the Kalani Retreat Center, part of our motivation was to have an extended stay in Hawaii, so we could take off and explore the various islands on our three-day weekends.

Goodbye, Garden

Tomatoes, poblanos, and basil, oh my! Our yard is too shady for much of a garden, but I can’t resist planting a tomato plant every year. This year I got carried away, and the crop was incredible!

Home Leaving

   “A soft seat with good back support was the thing we missed most about being on the road,” -Lynne Martin in Home Sweet Anywhere. I was thinking about leaving our home of 29 years for the next half of the year, with the possibility of eventually giving it up altogether for full-time travel.


  Matt and I waited on pins and needles for the call that would determine our first destination. Could travel be a way of life? How would it feel to be away from home for months at a time?

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