Looking for the London Canal Museum

Travel, like jazz, is all about the improv.  We started out one morning with a destination of the London Canal Museum.  



This blog is titled Bubbles and Jazz. If Kalani was life in a bubble, London is the jazz!

So Much to See on the Big Island

Since the blog is titled Bubbles and Jazz, I must mention the bubble nature of the alternate reality that was life in the jungle at the Kalani Yoga Retreat Center. During our time at Kalani we often heard people refer to the retreat center as, “The Bubble.”

The Power of Pele

In this painting by artist, Herb Kawainui Kane, titled Pele Honua Mea, or Pele of the Sacred Earth, displayed at the Jaggar Museum at Volcano National Park, we see one of his interpretations of Pele personified.  

Exploring Hawaii, the Big Island

Living simply in community, slow travel, staying in one place for a long time, meeting interesting people, experiencing life in a community that practices sustainability of land and food. These were all reasons we chose to spend two months at Kalani Retreat Center on the Big Island. But, probably the biggest reason was, it was an economical way to spend an extended period of time living in and learning about Hawaii. A week in Hawaii is just not long enough.

Our Kalani Ohana

The first day, we felt a little lost, but not for long. We found our way over to the dining lanai, observed, and asked, until we figured out the routine for getting our meal.   Terry, very kindly, sat by us at lunch and started the process of introducing us to the hundred or so people... Continue Reading →

Kalani, Daily Life

When the conch sounds, we head to meals. Fresh, fruit-and-vegetable-packed, beautiful meals. There are an abundance of options, and always more than we need. In fact, favorite topics of conversation are strategies for not overeating.

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